Prof. John Rossi Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, USA

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Dr. Rossi received his doctorate in microbial genetics from the University of Connecticut in Storrs. For postdoctoral training Dr. Rossi went to Brown University Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island where he trained under Dr. Arthur Landy studying the genomic structure, organization and expression of two gene clusters encoding tRNA-tyrosine... read morein E. coli. In 1980 Dr. Rossi moved to the Department of Molecular Genetics at the City of Hope in Duarte, California. Dr. Rossi’s laboratory began to develop and test the idea of utilizing catalytic RNAs or ribozymes for inhibition of HIV infection. This research program has led to two clinical trials in which ribozyme genes have been transduced into hematopoietic stem cells for autologous transplant in HIV infected individuals. Work in the laboratory continues to focus upon enhancing the intracellular efficacy of ribozymes and RNA decoys via RNA trafficking and target co-localization approaches. This program has led to a first of its kind hematopoietic stem cell clinical trial using a triple gene therapy approach in AIDS/lymphoma patients. At present a large percentage of the research effort of the lab is focused upon the biology and utilization of small interfering RNAs, or siRNA and the evolution of aptamers for targeted siRNA delivery