Prof. Geoffrey Hale University of Oxford and BioAnaLab Ltd., UK

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Geoffrey Hale trained as a biochemist at the University of Cambridge. In 1980 he joined Herman Waldmann to research therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. They discovered the Campath series of antibodies, and developed them for treatment of leukemia and as immunosuppressants for transplantation and autoimmune diseases. In 1990, Geoff established the Therapeutic... read moreAntibody Centre (TAC) to manufacture antibodies for clinical trials, one of the first academic groups to embrace the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice. Besides Campath, other products developed at the TAC include CD3 and CD4 antibodies for treatment of diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. In 2002, Geoff founded BioAnaLab to provide a bioanalytical service to the pharmaceutical industry.