Prof. Sten H. Vermund Yale University, USA

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Sten H. Vermund, MD, PhD, is Dean of the Yale School of Public Health, the Anna M.R. Lauder Professor of Public Health, and Professor of Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. He is a pediatrician and infectious disease epidemiologist with his appointment in the Department of Microbial Diseases. His... read moreresearch focus is on diseases of low and middle income countries, and on health disparities in the U.S. His work on HIV-HPV interactions among women in a Bronx methadone program motivated a change in the 1993 CDC AIDS case surveillance definition and inspired cervical cancer screening programs launched within global HIV/AIDS programs. His research has focused on health care access, adolescent reproductive health, and prevention of HIV transmission, both mother-to-child and among adolescents/adults. His work in the early 1990s on HIV-HPV interactions helped define the risks for cervical cancer and led to a modification of the 1993 CDC AIDS case definition. Dr. Vermund has founded two non-governmental organizations: Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) and Friends in Global Health in Mozambique.