Dr. Martin Buescher Head of Biophysics at Miltenyi Biotec, Germany

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Martin Buescher started studying physics 1990 and joined Miltenyi two years later as a summer student. He stayed with the company since then, and after graduating worked for some time with the rare cell imaging group in the US. Then, he started to work on automated fluorescence microscopy, while in... read moreparallel finishing his PhD in Applied Biotechnology at the university of Erlangen Nuremberg in 2003.
Afterwards Martin Buescher became project manager for flow cytometry instrumentation and together with his team developed the MACSQuant family of instruments for Miltenyi Biotec, which reached the marked around 2008.
During the portfolio expansion, he was given the lead of BioPhysics within Miltenyi. Under his guidance, BioPhysics grew to its current size with four individual Groups covering the topics Systems engineering, process development, applications development including verification and innovation.
Now, the above mentioned services are offered around multiple product portfolios, covering cell analysis, imaging, cell separation, cell therapy and automation. Lasty, Martin Buescher started supervising students during their Bachelors, Masters or PhD programs, with the first PhD student graduating in 2017.
This research work is conducted in parallel to product development and centered around advanced technologies in optics, cell processing and computation.