Prof. Pascale May Panloup University Hospital of Angers, France

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P. May-Panloup attended the University of Marseille and obtained a Diploma in Medical Biology in 1998 before going on to earn her PhD at the University of Angers in 2006. She now practises in the Department of Medicine and Reproductive Biology and Development at the University Hospital of Angers and... read morecurrently heads the in vitro fertilization laboratory. She possesses expertise in various techniques of gamete micromanipulation, embryonic culture, and gamete and embryo freezing. An active member of the research team UMR CNRS-INSERM U1083 6015, BMNI (Integrated Neurovascular and Mitochondrial Biology, Director: D. Henrion), she is particularly interested in the key role played by mitochondria in fertility problems and ovarian aging.